Internet Storefront Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
  1. How do I get an account?
  2. I keep putting my username and password in but my account is not coming up. What is the problem?
  3. I forgot my password and / or username? What should I do?
  4. What is the difference between “My Favorites” and “Our Favorites”?
  5. How do I designate an item as “My Favorite”?
  6. I can’t find the item I’m looking for. What’s the problem?
  7. How can I tell if I already have something on backorder?
  8. What does an order form do?
  9. How do I create an order form?
  10. How do I edit an order form?
  11. How do I look up what I have purchased previously?
  12. I don’t think my price, tax or freight policy is accurate. What should I do?
  13. I have a question about a product that is not covered in the product description of the website. What should I do?
  14. I am placing an order but have special instructions. Where should I put them?
  15. I tried to place an order and it would not let me checkout. What’s the problem?
  16. How do I cancel an order I placed online?
  17. When will my order ship?
  18. I would like to speak with someone to help personalize a program with my company. Who should I talk to?
  19. I tried contacting you at 800-621-1563 but there was no answer.


  1. If you’re interested in buying products from Rubber Inc then you will have to open an account. In order to do that you will have to fill out a credit application and/or a credit card authorization form. If you already have an account with Rubber Inc. then please contact us at 800-621-1563 or at and we can establish a username and password for your account. We will notify you as soon as your account has been set up and is ready to go.

  2. All username and passwords are set up in UPPERCASE and are case sensitive. This is the only place in our system where this is the case. If you have tried using uppercase and it is still not functioning, please contact us at 800-621-1563 or at and we will e-mail the correct information to the e-mail address that we have on file for the person who originally established the account.

  3. If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact us at 800-621-1563 or and let us know who you are and what company you work for. We will e-mail the correct information to the e-mail address that we have on file for the person who originally established the account.

  4. “Our Favorites” is set up for you by Rubber Inc. This is generally used if your account has a specific order form used on a regular basis. “My Favorites” is something that you the user can set up on your own to get quick and easy access to items you purchase on a repeatable basis without having to do full searches each time.

  5. In order to set up an item as a favorite in “My Favorites”, you must lookup an item and then click on the image of the product to get to the Item Detail Page. From here, you will see a slightly larger image and a link that says “Add to Favorites”. Simply click on this once and the item should now be added to the “My Favorites” section the next time you look. These items do not have any set order quantities attached to them as they are designed to simply give you quick access.

  6. If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, it could be several potential issues. First, you are able to filter the search by an Item Number, Description or All. If you click on “Item Number” then you will only be searching through the item part numbers. If you click on “Description”, then you will only be searching through the item descriptions. For best results, click on “All”, which searches through both. If you still can’t find an item, try searching under a different product name, or looking through the list of suppliers. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us at 800-621-1563 and have one of our experienced Customer Service team members help you.

  7. At any point in time you can see open orders on our website by going to “Recent Orders”. There you will see any orders that have been recently placed. If an order’s status is listed as “Picking” then you can click on the Document Number Detail to see if any items are backordered. If there are no items backordered, then that means the order should be shipping that day.

  8. Order Forms can be created by the user to create a “repeatable” order, with which they can make modifications before the final checkout. This is another way to allow you to shorten the amount of time it takes them to place an order. It is designed for people who buy the same products in the same or close to the same quantities in repeatable intervals.

  9. In order to use an order form, you must first establish one. In order to create an order form, you must first put all items that you would like to see on your order form into your shopping cart. This must be done by searching for the appropriate items, find them and adding the appropriate product amount to your cart. After you have the necessary part numbers and quantities in you cart, you can go to “Create New Order Form” on the left-hand side of the webpage. Your shopping cart should appear at the bottom of the page. In order to create the form, you must name it, adjust any quantities if necessary, and then check the “add” button for all items that you want placed on the form. There are “Check All” and “Uncheck All” buttons at the top of the page to do this in bulk. Once you have the appropriate number checked, click on the “Create Form” button. If it has been created, it will show you that the form was created in green next to where you put the name of the form. In the future, in order to use the form, you must go to the “Use Order Form” link.

  10. In order to edit an order form, go to “Modify Existing Form”. This is where you make changes to existing order forms that you have previously created. From here you will see a list of order forms at the top. If you click on “Edit Order Form,” it will bring up the order form at the bottom. It will allow you to remove items or change the item’s default quantity. If you wish to add an item, you will have to create a completely new form. If you wish to delete the entire form, you can click the “Delete” button on the right hand side.

  11. There are two ways to look up past purchases.
    1. Invoice History – This section shows all past invoice history available. These invoices are presented in invoice order. In order to see the detail of an individual invoice, you can click on the Invoice Number. Once there, by clicking on “Printable Form,” you can get a printer-friendly version of the document.
    2. Purchase History – This section allows you to look up products (either by item number or description) that you have purchased from Rubber Inc. in the past 12 months. These searches only show the first 8 products that match the search criteria. If there are more than 8, then you can go to the next 8 by clicking on the “Page 2” button at the bottom (and so forth). You have the option to view products purchased in the last 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The display shows the units purchased per month and the total sale price of the units combined.

  12. If at any point you’re unsure that any of the information provided to you is correct, please contact either our Customer Service team at 800-621-1563 or your company’s appointed Sales Representative.

  13. If at any point you need more information, please contact our experienced Customer Service team at 800-621-1563.

  14. If you have any special instructions you’d like included on the order, such as “Mark Boxes Attn: Retail” or “Please send catalog”, you can add these at the end of your order during the checkout procedure. At the “Final Checkout” page there is a section for “Order Notes”. In this white box, please input any information that you would like. This will then print directly on your pick ticket at our warehouses.

  15. If you get to the checkout section but cannot checkout to place your order, please contact our Customer Service team directly at 800-621-1563.

  16. You cannot make any adjustments to an existing order after it has been placed on the website. However, if you contact our Customer Service team direct at 800-621-1563, they can see if they can add on, edit or cancel your order before it ships.

  17. All orders placed by 2 pm Central Time will ship that day if the product is available. If the product is backordered, lead times will vary. Contact us at 800-621-1563 for more information.

  18. Rubber Inc. offers field sales representatives that can come to your place of business to analyze your product usage and make stocking and product recommendations to help you maximize your inventory and achieve your goals. In order to set up an appointment, please find your town on our map at By clicking on the appropriate state and city, you will find out who the Rubber Inc representative is in your area and ways to contact them.

  19. Our business hours are 7 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time Monday through Friday. If you have a question outside of that time frame, please e-mail us at and we will answer you as soon as possible.



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